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Energy Efficient - Energy Saving

Energy Efficient

Insignia products have always been energy efficient

It's Cheaper Than You Think

With rising energy costs it’s important we all know how much any item will cost to run and use. So how can we all save money and still enjoy not only life basics but the occasional little treats?

At Insignia we are not only conscious of present and future but was very much so in the past. In fact Insignia have been working closely for many years with our production companies to drive costs down and become more efficient in not only water consumption but raw energy costs.

Efficiency is not new to us, in 2015 Insignia water controls were independently verified to use just 7.8 litres per minute! - source European Water Labelling

Insignia customers benefit because we have so many years head start over others who now of course, are attempting to catch up but not there yet! The difference can be £100's of pounds a year!

Insignia's Showering Efficiency Comparison

Here's the showering facts based on a recommended 10-minute showering experience for a single person use.

Water Consumption

  • Insignia Showers - 78 litres
  • Average Bath - 181 litres
  • Conventional Shower - 120 litres
  • Power Shower - 150 litres

Water Heating Costs*

  • Insignia Showers - 30.4p - 83p
  • Average Bath - 70p - £1.80
  • Conventional Shower - 46.4p - £1.25
  • Power Shower - 58p - £1.57

* Subject to gas boiler efficiency. Insignia recommend condenser combi’s.

The Insignia Saving

  • Water Consumption - Save up to 100 litres
  • Water Heating - Save up to £1.07 per use

Insignia's Showering Indulgence Comparison

Add the luxury of a steam generator to fill your cabin with soothing steam. As well as just being the nicest place
to be, a steam shower provides several health benefits. Luxury and indulgence at a fraction of the cost of a spa day!

Based on recommended steam use of 15 minutes per session.

  • Insignia steam shower - 36.4p per session.
  • 3 steam sessions per week - £1.09
  • Copy of the Sunday Times - £3.50
  • UK average cost of a pint of beer - £3.95
  • 1 movie rental from Amazon Prime - £1.99 - £14.99

New Shower, Zero Electrics

Insignia's ECO Range of showers has always been the perfect solution to reduce your environmental impact and keep your electric bill from rising. With the current energy costs rising it now makes more sense than ever before.

Replace your old and tired shower with an Insignia, zero electrics, ECO shower and remove the concerns of additional electrical usage. Being a non-electric shower has the added advantage of not only lessening your environmental impact but also allowing you the freedom to easily install this range without the requirement of an electrician, saving even more money.

  • 2nd Generation Leak Free Technology
  • Fast Easy Build and DIY Friendly
  • No Electrical Connections
  • Lower Water Consumption 7.1 litres / min - source European Water Labelling
  • Low Maintenance Costs

Insignia's Energy Efficient Saunas

Insignia is proud to offer their latest innovation in the form of our luxurious range of Traditional home and Far Infrared saunas. All come integrated with our award-winning gold standard features which includes Mood enhancing lighting (chromatherapy LED lights), state of the art digital controls, all touch based and high-quality MP3/USB/FM flat panel media system. Energy efficient with running costs much lower than you would expect

Our range of traditional and far infrared saunas boast stunning looks and functionality, whilst delivering an abundance of health benefits and come as single or family size units. Much cheaper than a visit to the spa.

Far Infrared Saunas

Average 2400 watts of infrared power based on our recommended 15-minute session 3 times a week.

  • Pre heat 10 mins. Subject to air temp surroundings
  • Recommended 15 min usage per session
  • Total 25 mins active time per session

Just 52p per session or £1.56 a week. Seating for 2 people then 78p each per week.

Discover Far Infrared

Traditional Saunas

Based on 3 person 6KW power average traditional sauna on our recommended 10-minute session 3 times a week.

  • Average 6000 watts of concentrated heat and water, steam giving power
  • Pre-heat 20 mins. Subject to air temp surroundings
  • Recommended 10 min usage per session
  • Total 30 mins active time per session

Just £1.56 per session or £4.68 a week. Seating for 3 people then £1.56 each per week.

It's Cheaper Than You Think