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Insignia second generation


Insignia LeakFree logo

No more puddles with the Insignia LeakFree design

Insignia LeakFree Shower

Insignia continue to revolutionise the shower enclosure market in every possible way. Changing the industry with a unique LeakFree shower cabin design, it’s the perfect choice for your bathroom or en-suite.

The innovative Insignia LeakFree tray keeps water in your shower and off your bathroom floor, even without the assistance of sealant.

It’s all down to the unique tray design. The innovative design consists of a 60-millimetre raised lip, housing all of the lower framework. This sits on strategically positioned raised sections, leaving open channels for any escaping water to be redirected back into the tray and down the drain. An idea so simple, yet somehow it hasn’t been done before.

Insignia QuickBuild logo

Build quicker with Insignia's QuickBuild system

Insignia QuickBuild System

Wanting to set the Insignia shower enclosure apart from others in more ways than one, the QuickBuild concept has revolutionised the shower cabin industry.

From the innovative QuickClick framework to the game-changing LeakFree tray the shower can be built and be in full working order in just one hour. With the build simplified and the lack of sealant required it minimalises the potential for errors, creating a stress-free installation for your shower enclosure.

With the simple install the Insignia QuickBuild system offers the potential to construct the shower unit yourself, only seeking assistance from a professional for the plumbing connections and the electrical connections.

Insignia EasyGlide logo

Insignia EasyGlide wheels make shower doors float

Insignia EasyGlide doors

Insignia’s smooth running EasyGlide door wheels are coupled with the magnetic door seals, these work in tandem to ensure as you close the doors once showering, they stay shut. This avoids any water escaping through the doors of the shower by leaving them open accidentally.

Insignia QuickClick logo

Installation made simple with Insignia's QuickClick frames

Insignia QuickClick build

Installation of a shower enclosure is something that may seem daunting to undertake yourself, or even daunting to a plumber as it is not the stereotypical norm with a fixed to the wall tiled unit.

Installation is something Insignia are proud to keep innovating to make assembly of the shower quicker and easier. Sold as a DIY product, the concept of the QuickClick frame has made this a realistic possibility for those even with the most basic DIY skills.

The top and bottom rails simply slide into cut out sections of the upright profiles. Once constructed you use securing clips which slide into position in each corner to lock the frame into place. This takes around one minute to complete and brings the overall build time down drastically.

Insignia AMI logo

In shower aromatherapy from Insignia

Insignia Aromatherapy

If you have selected an Insignia Steam Shower, why not enhance your steam experience with Insignia's in shower Aromatherapy? Infuse the steam that fills your shower with therapeutic fragrances from Insignia's range of Essential Oils.

With Insignia's unique AMI system installed select one of the 10 individual essential oils and relax in a steam infused shower. From the eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree aromas of the Breathe oil to the peppermint and lime of Refresh, there is an oil for everybody.

Insignia 03 Ozone logo

03 Ozone sterilisation from Insignia

Insignia 03 Ozone

After taking a steam shower, if water vapour is left stagnant in the enclosure it can lead to an environment conducive to bacterial overgrowth.

When the central column is deactivated after your steam shower the O3 Ozone purifier is automatically activated.

Ambient air (O2) is pulled into the Ozone O3 purifier inside your Insignia steam shower. The air is then accelerated, and a high voltage is applied converting the O2 into O3. The O3 exits the purifier where it can then oxidise any germs and bacteria in your shower.

Insignia AMI logo

Chromatherapy Lighting from Insignia

Insignia Chromatherapy

Unwind and relax from a stressful day with Insignia's in shower Chromatherapy Lighting, sometimes referred to as colour therapy or light therapy. Chromatherapy Lighting is a feature that is available on most of the Insignia range.

Chromatherapy Lighting comes with the option of 7 different colours to chose from, one for every mood. Select from white, green, yellow, light blue, dark blue, purple and red or set the lighting to scroll through all options and create your own in shower disco with the built-in sound system.

Insignia AMI logo

Bluetooth connectivity for in shower entertainment

Insignia Entertainment

All Insignia showers with electrical connections come fitted with a Bluetooth sound system to enhance your showering experience. An in-shower panel gives you full control of your entertainment without having to step outside.

Choose from a built-in radio and tune in to your favourite radio station or use Bluetooth connectivity to listen to your shower playlist or even an audiobook.