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Insignia Warranty Support

Insignia Parts Warranty - Your Product Warranty Overview

Product Standard Parts Warranty Term Extended Parts Warranty Term*
Platinum Shower Range 12 Months 5 Years
Premium Shower Range 12 Months 2 Years
INS Shower Range 12 Months 5 Years
Diamond Shower Range 12 Months 3 Years
ES Shower Range 12 Months N/A
Monochrome Shower Range 12 Months 5 Years
ECO Shower Range 12 Months 5 Years
Noire Shower Range 12 Months 5 Years
HomeFit Steam Room Kits 12 Months 2 Years
Heavy Domestic Steam Generators
6kW 9kW 12kW
12 Months 3 Years
Signature Steam Generators
Commercial and Domestic
12 Months 2 Years
When fitted with approved water softener or processor unit
Insignia Sauna Steam Shower 2 years N/A
Insignia Saunas
Infrared and Traditional
3 years wood
2 years Electrical

To qualify for the extended term you must register your product within 90 days of delivery. Register here.

Insignia Saunas

3 Year wood Guarantee

Insignia saunas are made from the highest quality woods. All structures using wood are susceptible to minor dents, scratches and scuffing. This is normal and will not affect the integrity or operation of your sauna.

Wood is a living material that continues to respond to climate conditions, even after being manufactured into a sauna. Variations in the colour or grain and irregularities such as fine cracks are part of the natural beauty of the wood and in no way should be considered defects. During normal operation, wood may crack slightly due to the changes in moisture level. This will not affect the structural integrity of the sauna and is not considered replaceable under the terms of the warranty. It’s common for Cedar over time to turn a greyish colour, again this is part of the natural beauty due to the aging of the wood.

Should your sauna have interior/exterior blemishes, scratches, or scuffs, these can be either left alone or sanded with fine grain sand paper. Please avoid any treatment containing high concentration of alcohol as this may discolour the wood and leave a stain.

2 Year Electrical Guarantee

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sauna Stoves must to be installed by a qualified electrician. Complying with part "P" of government regulations. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are they to be installed by a non-qualified person, nor an amateur electrician. Failure to do so is hazardous and will invalidate the warranty.

Items not covered under your warranty.

  • Light bulbs used in the wall lighting are considered consumable product
  • Rocks are susceptible to cracking/splitting over time and are considered a consumable product. We recommend replacing your sauna rocks once they start to erode. It's best to check them every six months and use maintenance techniques to increase the longevity of your sauna rocks
  • Seat covers fall under general wear and tear and are not covered under the terms of the warranty

NOTE: Insignia do not cover labour or any services employed by a third party.

NEVER: Install an internal use sauna in an outdoor environment. Failing to comply with this will invalidate your warranty.

Insignia Showers

All Insignia products consist of 12 months parts only warranty. The start date being the date at which it was collected/delivered. Insignia steam showers, shower cubicles, and steam kits are designed as DIY items. Insignia do not cover third party labour costs should the purchasing client choose or prefer to use such a service. All electrical or mechanical components are designed to be exchanged if required and replaced with ease. In the case of steam shower cabins and steam shower generators, a Part P Electrical install certificate number must be obtained to enable the warranty of electrical items (England and Wales only). This is very important. In nearly all cases required by law, it is designed to not only protect the maker’s electronics to a reasonable level but above all ensure your safety.

Registration must take place within 90 days of delivery; the above period of warranty will then be extended free of any cost or charge to the published maximum warranty term. The Insignia warranty registration form can be found here.

Items Covered by Insignia Parts Warranty

  • Thermostatic cartridges*
  • Water valve bodies
  • Diverter cartridges*
  • Tap cartridges*
  • PVC hosing
  • Waste hoses
  • Speakers
  • Steam generators*
  • Control panels
  • Jets
  • Monsoon shower heads*
  • Door handles
  • Hand showers*
  • whirlpool pumps*

*Any item where calcium build-up is the cause of fault.

Items Not Covered by Insignia Parts Warranty

  • Any item where calcium build-up is the cause (photos will be requested)
  • LED lighting (12-month cover only as classed as a consumable)
  • Internal chrome hoses and seals as these are a wear and tear item
  • Top wastes and covers as these can only be damaged by someone accidentally stood on top of it which causes downward pressure on the waste housing which in turn causes the break
  • Glass panels
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Columns (peeling column/framework paint is only ever caused by using acidic based cleaning products, please contact Insignia support for information Here )
  • Wood effect inserts and stools

On the decision of an exact item being required, the identified part will be sent by Royal Mail or other courier direct to the address shown at date of purchase. Should the part be no longer available or superseded, the updated replacement will be sent. If our customer service team are not able to resolve the problem we will, in our discretion, decide whether to approve a repair, and then pay for the parts, or may replace or pay the cost of replacing your equipment, in each case subject to the terms and conditions below.

In the event of failure to any optional extra/upgrade or electrical item supplied at the time of purchase and the part or replacement item is no longer obtainable from the manufacturers, financial recompense will be offered as follows:

Cost of item if total failure as invoiced After 12 months less 20%. Thereafter decreasing 20% per annum or part thereof up to a maximum of 5 years.

General Terms and Conditions

Important Information

  • You must ensure your shower is fitted with isolation taps (like a washing machine/dishwasher) and turned off when not in operation
  • There is no limit to the number of replacement parts** to your equipment that can be approved during the period of your parts warranty
  • Inspections authorised by us will be carried out Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm
  • Applications for replacement equipment will only be considered where the equipment is covered by, manufacturer's or repairer's guarantee
  • You must operate your equipment in line with the manufacturer's instructions and must not modify it
  • Your equipment must not have been misused, neglected, poorly installed, subject to malicious damage, or damage caused by fire, explosion, floods, lightning, storms, frost or other bad weather conditions, rust, corrosion, or calcium (limescale) build-up. Your product must in all cases have been serviced in accordance with Insignia recommendations
  • In the case of Steam Showers, DIY Steam Kits, and all steam generator units, limescale build-up can be excessive in medium to hard water areas and prevent operation very swiftly. It is the owner’s responsibility to prevent this through the use of water softeners
  • Your equipment must be used in a domestic environment. Equipment used in a non-domestic or commercial environment is not covered by warranty, unless specifically indicated as a commercial product
  • Your equipment will only be covered within the UK or Country of origin if purchased outside of the UK.
  • You are liable for the cost of repairs if there is no fault found with the equipment, or to the extent that it requires routine maintenance, cleaning, servicing, cosmetic repairs (e.g. Damage to paintwork, dents, or scratches), or where there is any problem with the supply of electricity or water

Making A Warranty Claim

After registration of warranty, requests for a replacement part(s) can be made directly to our Customer Services team through the general Contact pages. You should expect written e-mail replies within 24 working hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays). Please check your junk mail/spam filter setting to allow for this. All replies are in writing. No telephone conversations take place, as full records can be kept by both the customer and Insignia.

In the event of an electrical failure, Insignia will never ask or expect a client to remove or exchange any internal electronics contained within sealed units. All units are exchanged, and no serviceable items are found within. It is highly likely in the event of a definitive correctional diagnosis not being available, you will be asked to send an item back to our UK distributors. Here, this item can be safely and correctly checked for operation, they offer a courier, 48-hour turn around excluding weekends and holidays. Postage will be paid by Insignia. Any failed electrical item will be exchanged with a brand-new replacement. No repairs are undertaken, and no second-hand parts are used.

  • Payment will not be approved for costs arising from being unable to use your equipment or for any other loss or damage not included under your warranty parts benefits that arise from the breakdown of your equipment, including any costs to remove or reinstate built-in or fitted equipment. Consequential damage or liability claims are without condition, expressly exempt from the makers' warranty and no payment is or will be offered or made
  • Your warranty will become nil and void on the exportation of your product from its original country of delivery. Please note UK Mainland will be treated as a delivery destination, therefore, any internal movement of the product after delivery will still be warranted within the UK mainland region
  • The warranty applies only to Insignia products purchased through authorised Insignia dealers and is only valid for the original purchaser. It is not transferable
  • The warranty does not include:
    • Labour or any services employed by a third party
    • The failure of the equipment to operate correctly caused by the withdrawal of services by a third party
    • Replacement of consumer durables (e.g. Batteries, LED lights and internal hosing
    • Wood effect products such as slatted floors and Stools. (these carry a 12-month warranty only)
    • The Replacement/repair of any factory-sealed unit which has been opened/tampered with (I.e. steam generator/control panel)

Replacement Equipment

  • If a replacement part is approved, we may replace your equipment with new equipment of the same or similar make and specification.
  • If we cannot reasonably arrange a replacement part, we may decide to pay you a contribution towards the cost of the new equipment. If a full replacement has been mutually agreed, a replacement must be provided by the Insignia Outlet Store based in Milton Keynes.
  • When your equipment has been replaced under condition 1 or 2 above, your warranty will end immediately.
  • When any part or equipment has been replaced, you will be responsible for disposing of the original equipment at your own cost if it remains in your possession.

Your Right To Change Your Mind

You may cancel the warranty at any time before the end of your manufacturer's guarantee period. This does not affect the statuary rights regards this issue and is seen to be "in addition" not a depletion or attempt at depletion of rights prevailing at the time.

How to Contact Us

Insignia will be happy to answer any questions or grievances you may have. Simply click the following link to be taken to our General Contact page.


Insignia does not subscribe to any third-party e-mail database partners, and your details will remain private in all instances.