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Insignia Leak-Free Showers & The Complete Shower Range

Welcome to a new era of shower design, where innovation meets elegance, and your daily ritual transforms into an experience of unparalleled luxury. Insignia proudly introduces its revolutionary Leak-Free Showers, meticulously crafted to eliminate traditional pain points, ensuring a shower that not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also delivers uncompromised reliability.

Insignia's Design Philosophy

At the heart of our revolutionary design are key elements aimed at redefining your shower experience:

Screwless Shower Tray
Patented Molecular Structured Gum
No Silicone Sealing
Specialised Tray Design
Integrated Shower Structure
Quick Build
Immediate Use
Long-Lasting Design

Elevate Your Shower Experience.

Choose Insignia for a shower experience that transcends the ordinary. Our designs are not just innovative, they are a testament to our commitment to providing showers that redefine excellence. Your journey to an extraordinary shower experience starts here!