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Wellness Wonderland

Welcome to Julie's Wellness Wonderland Blog

Let me introduce myself. My name is Julie and I am a 36 year old Brit living in London and a Mother of 3. I have a passion for well-being and loving life! However, I haven’t always been like this! In the past I had no care in the world, didn’t have my priorities straightened out and I was a bit of a rebel. One day it clicked, there is more to life and there is always a silver lining. But we can get more into that later.

I really took an interest a few years ago with my health, physical and mental. It’s apparent that in todays day and age, there is a lot more awareness on wellbeing, what we can do to improve it and what affects it. Trust me, I have read a lot of books, followed yoga pages on Instagram, and listened to many meditation podcasts. Everyone is different and may take on different things better than other people to take the steps to stronger wellbeing altogether. I think every little bit helps, even if its reading a little blog from a first timer trying something new. So join me on my blogger journey and lets get WELL!

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