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Bathroom tips and tricks

Bathroom tips and tricks
Cleaning your shower glass cabin can be hard, however, that’s why we offer an amazing product called shower guard. What is it? Shower guard is a one-time application before you start to use your Insignia. We like to advise our customers to purchase this little treat because we can’t get enough of it… Eliminating any smears and helping with watermarks. Creating an easy clean coating for the shower cabin before use.

Save time and water!

Two features Insignia bring are safety and ease when showering. First, all of our steam range have thermostatic control – this means that you will spend less time faffing around with the controls and showering in a comfortable temperature for yourself. We created our thermostatic controls to have a lock off point at 38 degrees. Secondly, we have the Digital Hand shower which is something you can add to existing showers or in our cabins. It displays the temperature using LED lights powered by the pressure of your water. This comes in handy as you are eliminating battery use and are able to shower in a comfortable temperature to suit you.

‘I need space!’

Some of our showers in the range have pre-built shelves within the cabin, this is perfect for you ladies as we have mentioned before. If you see one of our showers and it doesn’t have an inbuilt shelf, don’t let it put you off…Have you seen the amazing suction storage cups from eBay? These are perfect for families! Need even more? Think about fixings around your bathroom to store bottles and other necessities in, like storage under the sink or cupboards on walls. Whatever products you decide from the above will help you when it comes to storage within your bathroom. Let us know what you picked via Facebook!