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Why purchase a steam shower | Benefits from Insignia

You now don’t need to share a steam room

Imagine not having to step out of your house to go to the gym or spa for a quick steam session after a busy day at the office!

Steam rooms are becoming increasingly popular within the modern day home. But why?

  • No hassle of sharing the room
  • No queuing at your local gym or sauna
  • Many health benefits

Before I get into the main health benefits, I wanted to talk about the other things to think about before you invest your money.

There is a difference

Yes believe it or not but a steam room and sauna are two very different things and you don’t want to confuse the issue when you are ready to purchase.

A sauna uses hot air, while a steam shower uses actual steam (vaporised water)! Which has many health benefits…

Within an Insignia shower enclosure, the steam will enter the cabin using the Tri-Jet system and are locked into the shower enclosure for the amount of time you set.

Money Money Money

Investing in a steam shower enclosure increases the value of your home… Many people who are looking to buy are looking for the touch of luxury or extras that make that house theirs – Your bathroom is the best place to start.

You can bespoke the majority of Insignia Steam showers’ with the carbon edition, where you choose from 9 different colours to add to your shower.  To see all the colours take a look here.

Look after number one

We have mentioned a couple of generic benefits so lets have a look at the health benefits because you need to take time out to detox!

1 – Increases blood circulation; this doesn’t just benefit your organs but also your skin – it gives your skin a better chance of healing.

2 – Open your pores to the world; As us ladies know how important our skin care is to us therefore why not invest in a steam enclosure or steam room. But do you know what would be great? If you could do that in the comfort of your own home for 20 minutes a day?

3 – Sitting in a steam room for just 10 minutes allows your body to release its bad toxins, whether it be from the environment or from a heavy weekend!

4 – Relax your muscle and joints by using the steam in which it improves mobility in painful joints.

If you are looking for a Insignia Steam Shower, take a look here