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Biggest Bathroom Trends of 2016 Part 2

4.Bath-Shower Hybrids

While showers represent the ultimate in speed and convenience, bathtubs offer a luxurious soaking experience. It’s no surprise the choice between a bath or shower can be a strenuous decision. Well at Insignia we say why choose? If you want the best of both worlds we have a range of top of the line Bath and shower hybrids to suit all your needs whether it’s a long relaxing soak after an exhausting day or a quick power shower before work. Our Bath-shower hybrids give you all the state of the art features found on our showers combined with the dynamic and high-powered whirlpool jets, meaning you can have a Jacuzzi style bath whenever you choose.

5. A Bold Mix of Lighting

A variety of lighting offers practical and decorative advantages and can make the difference to whether your bathroom looks dull and dingy or vibrant and modern. At Insignia we have taken all this into consideration and believe we have the answer… Chromotherapy lighting. Chromotherapy lighting not only gives you a variety of colours to set the right mood for your bathroom but also is a therapeutic science which has been used by many people for centuries. Furthermore, we use mirrored back panels to really accentuate the Chromotherapy lighting within your shower quadrant.  


Homeowners are now discovering the indulgence of a relaxing steam shower at home. Far more convenient than a trip to the health club or spa, a home steam shower offers a unique bathing experience, allowing you to de-stress and unwind any time you like. Proven to provide countless benefits such as Increasing blood flow and circulation, relaxing stiff joints and muscles, helping to reduce stress, improving your complexion and also helping to relax stiff joints and muscles, so as you can see a steam shower is not only a top luxury bath trend, it also enhances one’s overall sense of well-being.