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Health Benefits of a Steam Shower

A steam feature on a shower cabin is probably seen by most as an unnecessary luxury. These people would be wrong. Agreed, the steam function is certainly a luxury, but there are many, many health benefits from steaming regularly, that you probably aren't aware of. The first is also probably the most obvious to most, and also the most commonly known, and that is alleviating pain of stiff joints or aching muscles which can be caused from exercise. What better way for your body to naturally recover after that intense workout, than in a luxurious steam shower in your very own home. People may not be as aware however that steaming can also help to increase your metabolism which of course will aid you in your pursuit of losing weight and getting in better physical condition. Along with exercise-induced pain, forms of arthritis can be eased from regular steaming, as it reduces swelling, increases the blood flow and loosens stiff and painful joints. It does not cure arthritis by any stretch of the imagination, but it can help with the pain, and allow the user to perform tasks with greater ease and comfort. Those benefits alone are enough for most people, so why bother reading on? Well, there are numerous other benefits to regularly steaming which you may not be familiar with. Firstly, it deep cleans the skin. The temperature and the steam opens up your pores and helps remove the impurities, leading to healthier skin and a better complexion. Also, it hydrates the skin, as it is a wet heat, therefore with hydrated skin, you look and feel healthier. Asthma is something that can be helped greatly by the use of a steam room. Many asthma sufferers will be aware that steam, which is wet heat is very beneficial to the airways and lungs, whereas a sauna and dry heat can be harsh and difficult on the lungs. What many non-asthma sufferers are unaware of is the benefits you receive from using a steam room to open and relax your airway and lungs. Still not enough? OK, I will continue. It boosts your immune system. A steam room will, much like physical exercise, increase your core temperature, which mimics the effect of illness. When we are ill, a natural defence mechanism of the body is to raise the core temperature in order to kill off invading organisms, so regularly using a steam room will send your body into this state, and ultimately improving your health. These benefits are in conjunction with the general relaxation experienced, which enhances the production of endorphins in your brain, which ultimately improves your general mood and happiness. Steaming relaxes the body and mind, and literally washes the daily stresses of your life away. When you are calmer and more relaxed, everything seems to flow easier in your life, even when it comes to decision making and problem-solving. After taking the time to read this, the question is simple. Why wouldn't you get a steam shower as your next shower purchase? With all the mental and physical health benefits if a steam shower, how long can you live without one? Call 0844 800 3069 for more information or to place an order today! New Steam Generator 9kw