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How Does Insignia's Warranty Keep You Covered?

Insignia’s Warranty Here at Insignia all of our products are made from the highest quality materials, therefore we are more than happy to offer an extended parts only warranty on all our products and by offering this extended warranty we aim to give you the customer, complete peace of mind as in the unlikely event anything was to fail with your product you will be completely covered. Registering Your Product When you purchase an Insignia product, your product will automatically come with a 1 year parts only warranty. You will then have 90 days from delivery to register your product. Once you have successfully registered your Insignia product for warranty, your warranty will then be extended to a 2, 3 or 5 year parts only warranty. Depending on the product you have purchased warranty will vary, for example any Insignia shower cubicle or bath-shower hybrid will be extended to a 5 year parts warranty whereas Steam Room DIY Kits get extended to a 2 year parts warranty and a Heavy Duty Domestic Steam Generator will be extended to a 3 year parts warranty. If you’re looking to register your shower cabin you can do so here. Completing the Warranty Form If ever in the unlikely event, you find yourself needing to fill out a warranty claim form then it can be found on the Insignia range website under customer care. Insignia have made the warranty claim form as easy as possible for customer use. The information needed to fill out the form includes; contact number, email address, name, delivery address, retailers name, date of purchase, model number, and invoice number which can all be found on your proof of purchase receipt and invoice. After this information has been filled in there is then a message box for you to explain your situation. You can also use the SP page in your set of instructions to determine exactly what parts you may need and the correct SP code to match the part. If you’re looking to submit a warranty form you can do so here.