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Steam it away...

Steam it away...
Whether you’re looking to add steam into an existing shower enclosure or to make a steam room, Insignia offer you the perfect solution. But it doesn’t stop there, you have the confidence of having an Insignia product but we also have the full range of accessories.

So which one will suit your set up better?

These following kits allow you to change your existing cabin into a steam enclosure. But what is the difference?

DIY Kits;

There are two different levels of what they include, depending on what you would like. If you are a technology wiz and love music then it’s best to go for the Deluxe Steam kit, why? It includes a Bluetooth control panel and all the bits to make sure you can enjoy your music wherever you are and that’s your shower as well!

Steam Rooms;

The heavy duty steam generators come in 6,9 and 12kW bring you the spa experience right into your home! All are supplied with the Insignia M-Touch control panel with built-in Bluetooth function, Ozone and so much more. But hey if you’re looking at creating your own room, we have bundles that are discounted and are complete with every necessity you need. To see the the full range click here.