Insignia's Animation Adverts

In an ever-growing digital market, it is important to not only have a presence but stand out as well. Something unique, engaging, funny and eye-catching are just a few of the main characteristics required for successful digital marketing. Here at Insignia, we are proud to step outside of the box and create adverts and video content which makes you take notice. We began with product videos along with sales orientated videos to begin growing the YouTube channel. Following this, we entered the ‘Virgin Media Pitch to Rich’ competition in 2015 and created a funny video which has been very well received and was very fun to create. We decided to step our game up and make new video content which was a little bit different. Our ‘City Walker’ video features the magnificent song ‘Give Our Dream Their Wings to Fly’ by Tim McMorris and really started the ball rolling with our outside of the box marketing videos. We moved on from this and created a new video series involving a caveman. This series currently has two videos and a third is on the way. This series highlights the stone age and infers other showers are trapped in the stone age, with us here at Insignia paving the way and being innovators, trendsetters and experts in the steam shower industry. We also have some other funny animated videos which in all fairness have very little to do with showers but that’s how they become memorable. Last time I checked a Gorilla playing the Drums to Phil Collins wasn’t very synonymous with milk chocolate but I think as you’re reading this we all remember the brand from this advert. With that in mind, we have a few other advert ideas with a view to creating new series. Returning characters create anticipation and keep viewers engaged, all the while being funny and quirky we aim to change the way we advertise our brand within the video form. To check out our video series visit our YouTube channel and subscribe.