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Safe showering, what's best for you?

Safe showering, what's best for you?
It’s not advised to shower over 40 degrees, why? Well I’m going to advise you why over 40 is bad – and no we’re not talking about age. Safe showering is key to when it comes to health and other factors.

Inside and out

Yes hot water can relax muscles however heat creams and heating pads are so much better as they target a specific muscle group and the right muscle compared to your full body. Hot water will also bring the blood to the surface which makes you look like a lobster for about 10 minutes after the shower… with this it comes inflammation meaning it leaves your skin fragile and prone to dryness. Now who wants that?

Ladies – don’t be too long

Its advised by doctors that showering for too long is bad for your skin, your shower shouldn’t take any longer than 5 to 10 minutes – allowing your skin to lock in moister from your soaps and water.

Looking for beautiful skin?

As you maybe aware hot showers open pores, allowing your skin to draw out all of the germs when washing, however you need to close those pores with a colder temperature. It’s not always about skin it helps hair too…

It’s time to lose weight! #2018

We’re the first one to complain when it comes to summer and our body is the same as 3 years ago. It’s only a little tip to try which is shower in a cooler temperature to allow your ‘brown fat’ to break down.

Rinse and shine!

It’s 6am and you have work in a couple of hours but you need something while your coffee is brewing… Jump into a cold shower. It’s a perfect way to wake up and naturally! Is this enough to convince you to lower the temperature. You might be asking how to work out the temperature while showering… Our digital hand shower displays the temperature of the water using just the pressure – 0 batteries. Digital-Hand-Shower Looking for more information on the Digital Hand Shower