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Steam and Wellness

Most of us have experienced a steam room at some point in our lives, whether it be at a gym, health club or a spa and it is safe to say they are increasing in popularity. Having one in your own home may be seen by some as an unnecessary luxury but we are inclined to disagree. Whilst we agree it is a luxury, there are many health benefits to using a steam room regularly that you are probably unaware of. Below are the benefits of steaming regularly and a good case for why you should invest in an Insignia steam shower. istock_000018912089xlarge Why? Here’s why… Stiff joints and aching muscles are common ailments suffered by most of us at some point. These can be caused by a variety of reasons. A classic gym session leaves that post-workout soreness can deter you from going the next day, or the day after that. Steaming increases the body temperature, thus enabling the blood to flow around the body with greater ease, causing inflammation and swelling to subside along with aches and pains being healed faster due to the increased blood flow. Also, the increase in temperature speeds up your metabolism which can assist in your weight loss goals. Slow metabolism is very difficult to overcome and will create stubborn pockets of fat that seem almost impossible to shift. Certain dietary changes can assist as well as regularly steaming. When it comes to your skin steaming is absolutely phenomenal. It opens up your pores through the raised temperature which is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly the opening of the pores allows the excess dirt that gets clogged deep within to be cleaned away relatively easily. Secondly, it is great for shaving, allowing a much closer shave and causing less skin irritation. Your skin will also be more hydrated which will, in turn, look healthier and give you a better complexion and who doesn’t want to look better and healthier? Rhetorical! Now our next point is one of slight contention and is very divisive. Asthma sufferers will be aware of the constricting of the windpipe can be alleviated by using a steamer or steam room however some asthma conditions can worsen within a steam room. It is all down to the user but in general, the wet heat of a steam room is considered a benefit to sufferers of asthma. The warmth soothes the windpipe to stop it from constricting and alleviates difficulty breathing, not just whilst in use but within your day-to-day life as well. In regards to your health, it improves that too. It might get a bit sciencey over the next couple of sentences but please bear with us… When you contract a virus or illness your body has a natural defense mechanism to kill the virus and stop it from spreading. We all commonly know this as your immune system. One of the main things your immune system will do is raise your body’s core temperature to fight the infection or virus. Increasing your core temperature manually through exercise or through regularly steaming mimics the effect of being ill and kicks your immune system into action. With the immune system being worked it will naturally become stronger and therefore help prevent illnesses or shorten the downtime when you are ill. A final key point is regarding relaxation. Relaxing is very important for your body and mind, being able to mentally switch off has many benefits. It allows you to think of time in a controlled and relaxed environment. This can help alleviate daily stresses, bring your body and mind together in a state of tranquillity which in turn leads to more rational decision making and problem-solving. So now we’ve outlined many mental and physical benefits the question is not why you should buy an Insignia steam shower. The question is why haven’t you bought one?