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Steam Generator Buyers Guide

If you're interested in enjoying all the benefits of steam and aren’t sure whether you want to design your own steam shower cubicle or create your own steam room, then this helpful guide has all the tips and tricks to help you decide exactly which steam generator you need. Whether this be a Pro/Deluxe DIY steam kit or even a 6, 9 or 12KW generator for heavy duty use, Insignia has you covered. Sizes One of the most important factors when purchasing a steam generator is size. If you’re looking to create your own bespoke steam shower ranging from 900x900 to a 1700x900 rectangular steam quadrant, then look no further. We would suggest the Insignia DIY steam kits which include the fast start 2.8KW generator however, if that’s too small and you want to create a fully sized family steam room, then we would suggest any one of the 6,9 or 12kw steam generator which can cover up to 500 cubic feet. Price and Quality Once you have decided on the size of the steam generator you are looking for, next comes the price and quality. Now Insignia’s Steam generator range are made to the highest standards with the best quality materials such as a stainless steel tank which contains alloy long-life elements, safe brass steam outlets, automatic water feed, pressure release valve and a 30-minute safety timer. Our generators are made to such a high standard we have no quarrels or doubts in offering a 3-year warranty upon registration. DIY Steam Kit With Insignia’s own DIY steam kits, designing your steam cubicle to your own specific requirements has never been easier. Our range of DIY steam kits have all been designed to meet every customer’s specific needs and wants. For example, if you were looking for a steam kit that includes Bluetooth capability, so that you are able to connect your smartphone and play music and podcasts through speakers that have been installed, then we have you covered. If you were looking for an easier option that still includes all of the best equipment, then we still have you covered. With Insignia, you really can create the most bespoke steam shower possible, with the added option to also fit Insignia's very own AMI system to really bring your steam experience to life. Heavy-Duty Generators So if you're wanting to create your own steam room, whether it be for your family at home or for your business, then we would suggest one of our 6, 9 or 12KW steam generators, which can cover from 250 cubic feet up to 500 cubic feet. Our Heavy-Duty Steam Generators come with the option of extras such as: Waterproof Speakers and Fans. Now you are aware of everything you need to know when purchasing a steam generator, so why not come and have a look at what Insignia has to offer you?