Time to Spring Clean

Time to Spring Clean

With the emergence of spring and long endless sunny days, the urge to spring clean and freshen our living spaces seems stronger than ever this year. Opening the windows to allow the fresh spring air through our homes signals the opportunity to refresh and revitalise our living spaces.

As good hygiene takes on a new significance, the bathroom plays a larger role within the home. Not only as a place to cleanse and purify our bodies but also a space to feel relaxed, calm, and restored both in mind and body.

Insignia showers have always recognised the need for more than just a shower. They understand the restorative power of water to freshen, energise and invigorate whilst also alleviating and soothing our bodies and minds after a stressful day of being stuck indoors. A good pampering session can be the perfect tonic to punctuate your day, lifting your mood and spirit.

Understand the benefits that bathing and showering in a calming space provides, Insignia showers have created a new contemporary range of bright, spacious showers with your total relaxation and wellbeing in mind. From in shower aromatherapy to interior mood lighting, Bluetooth connective audio system, massaging body jets and soothing steam functions to name just a few amazing features. Insignia showers deliver total luxury wellness without compromising on beautiful aesthetic design.

One of the great benefits of an Insignia shower is that they are DIY products, meaning that you can easily install them in the comfort of your own home. With simple to follow instructions and a technical team just a phone call away, the ability to create your dream bathroom interior is a lot easier than you think. With Insignia showers’ Quick Build and Quick Click frame technology, you can construct your Insignia shower in just an hour, making it the perfect choice.

In particular, the new Insignia Eco Shower is completely electric free, meaning you do not even need an electrician to enjoy creating your new bathroom interior. Why not try out the Insignia Shower customisation tool, available on their website, allowing you to experiment with colour, size, orientation, and finish of your shower, giving you the artistic freedom to create a shower to suit your design vision.

So, if you want to up your pampering game or you are thinking of using your time for some much-needed home improvements, now might be the perfect opportunity to create a space that brings you joy, clarity and relaxation for many years to come.