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Want something more? Double strength AMI essential oils

Want something more? Double strength AMI essential oils
Another new product? Yes of course but this one has a twist we know you’ll love. If you have an Insignia steam shower you’ll know you can add in AMI essences into the cabin. If you would like more information on how this works click here

What’s new? We have new essences oils and they are double strength (10%)


What are they called…

  • Breathe
  • Detox
  • Wellness
  • Calm
  • Citrus Lift
At twice the potency you can revitalise your senses and rejuvenate your body during your latest Detox. Breathe in the beautiful aroma’s to create an internal Wellness to your body and mind, helping you to stay Calm in the most stressful of times. Sometimes you need a little lift, maybe with a refreshing bit of zest – A Citrus Lift some might say. All Insignia steam showers Sport the AMI system for you to Indulge yourself in your own Tranquil haven. Relax and enjoy the luxuries you deserve! See what we did there? All having a unique scent to them, bringing something different to your Insignia experience. To see the full range, click here.