Website Exclusives

Insignia are proud to announce some brand new web exclusive shower cabins as part of the non-steam range which are only available through the Insignia Outlet website. The new GT002 and GT003 join the popular GT006 as part of our trio that are available currently at incredibly low prices. We appreciate not everyone is in the market for a steam shower and we aim to cater for everyone, whether it be steam or non-steam. As part of the hydro-massage collection and unique in size we feel they add real substance to the non-steam end of the market. The new GT002 and GT003 have borrowed their shape and dimensions from two of our incredibly popular steam enclosures, the INS9001 and INS9012. An 800mm quadrant and a rectangular cabin of 1100mm by 890mm we feel these add real substance to the hydro-massage shower cabins that we offer and give the customer far greater choice when choosing their next shower cabin. In keeping with the rest of our range we remain consistent with the overhead monsoon rain shower, multi-functional hand shower and cluster of hydro-massage jets. Both enclosures also come with a fold down seat which is conveniently situated in the column for making full utilisation of the hydro jets. We have a new non-steam control panel within these cabins, which operate the internal roof lighting. Also the control panel operates the FM radio which you can enjoy through the new twin speaker system that is being introduced across the range. Take advantage of the new online exclusives officially only available on the Insignia Shower Store.