Are Steam Showers a Good Idea?

Are Steam Showers a Good Idea?

Are Steam Showers a Good Idea?

To get right to the answer, YES! It is a good idea. I will tell you why…

When some people think of steam showers, some may think “oh gosh, engulfed in steam? I don’t wanna be a pot of veggies!” and that can put people off! But no, it won’t cook you. Steam showers are a great addition to your home, they can be used everyday to help improve your wellness.


How do steam showers improve your wellness?


Firstly, I will quickly summarise "what is a steam shower?". A steam shower is a washing facility, where a humidifying steam generator produces water vapour that is dispersed around a persons body. And the amazing thing about it is, it can help you stay feeling healthy. It may reduce chronic stress and enhance the ability for restorative and restful sleep. I couldn’t think of anything better than a full nights deep sleep… Zzzz.

I would have a really long day at work, sitting all day at my desk, slouched over, counting the minutes down till the end of the day, knowing what is at home waiting for me. I come home, make dinner for my beautiful family, then to really focus on my “me” time.

I’ll light a couple of my favourite lavender candles and turn on my steam shower. It is a huge bonus that my shower has extra features to set the mood and complete the spa experience that I am about to have. It has mood lighting, allowing me to turn down the bathroom lights and have the showers, blues, purples and pinks cycling through, transporting me to another place. Add that with the Bluetooth function, so I can listen to my calming meditation music playlist.

So there I am sitting in the shower, yes sitting… Music – check, lights – check. Steam surrounding my body, and me just taking all of this joy in. I tell you, I sleep like a log after my steam sessions. A log in the middle of a deep forest, surrounded by fairies and butterflies.

Sleeping well can boost performance at work or at school, on top of that, improve your overall mood. Perfection!

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