Bathroom Trends 2022 SUMMER EDITION

Bathroom Trends 2022 SUMMER EDITION

Bathroom Trends 2022 SUMMER EDITION

The past year or so it has become very popular for people to showcase their new refurbishments, even documenting the whole journey. But for some, bathrooms can be overlooked to needing a sprucing up, despite being used every day. Let’s be honest, it can be costly to renovate a bathroom space. But it doesn’t have to be! It could just be a new shower or adding a few plants here and there.

Bringing the Spa to you...

One of the Bathroom Trends of 2022 that is taking the internet by storm is a Spa Aesthetic. It’s literally like picking up items you would find in a private massage room at the spa and dropping them around your main bathroom. How I accomplish this trend is very easy and not costly at all. I added some intricately rolled towels stacked neatly in a corner, line some beautifully scented candles along a shelf or a windowsill. If you want to go that extra mile and really transform your bathroom into a spa/hotel, Insignia Saunas units are a perfect shout. They have an amazing range of any size sauna that can accommodate to many needs, and you won’t have to leave your house to escape to pure relaxation.

Magnificent Marble

Another huge Bathroom Trends of 2022 is Marble. Marble floors, marble walls, sinks, baths, toilets… I’m joking about the toilet, but can you imagine?? Oh, I just googled it, it exists! My absolute top tip is to not overdo it. Keep it classy with any trend and simple is sophisticated! I’ve seen a lot of marble bathrooms and my favourite is when one item has a marble finish, because then it will POP and stand out. Ever thought of a marble shower but don’t want to splash the cash? Well Insignia sell a gorgeous gym shower that houses a marble effect wall, adding that touch of opulence!


Yes of course I must touch upon the use of plants in everyone’s homes. Living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and not bathrooms! And I gotta admit, I love it! I know I say less it more, but here it doesn’t count ok?! Plants are beautiful and so beneficial for us. Greenery in your home improves your mood, reduces fatigue, and lowers your stress and anxiety. Not to mention improving air quality! Adding plants to your bathroom is a must.

Combining the “spa aesthetic” and marble look, with the calming ambience of plants, it will truly become an area you never want to leave! We all lead highly stressful lives and experience a lot of pressure. But bathrooms have now become our sanctuary, more and more becoming a space where we can go and loosen up, to practise peace and mindfulness. So what trend interests you?

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