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What are the benefits of Chromatherapy…

What are the benefits of Chromatherapy…

What are the benefits of Chromatherapy...

Want to know the amazing benefits of have the LED colour lighting in your bathroom? Read on to find out!

Chromatherapy, or colour therapy is the use of coloured lights in your bath or shower, where each colour has its own effect and benefit on different parts of your mind and body. Colour plays an important role in how we think and feel. Certain colours can trigger various feelings, for example, feelings of calmness and relaxation.

As we enter Autumn, as many as 20% of us suffer from the ‘winter blues’ which is referred to ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)’. ‘SAD’ sufferers find colour therapy helps to release those symptoms. Our bodies need sunlight to survive, and in these upcoming months where the sun might not grant us of this privilege, that light can be split down the seven-colour spectrum.

I absolutely adore my Insignia Shower which offers the Chromatherapy colours. So, what are the benefits? Let’s go through each colour and discover their individual advantages.


increases energy and grounding. Red can also be applied to support circulation and nervous functions.


supports balance and acceptance. Green provides anti-infectious, anti-septic and regenerative stimulation.


stimulates inner-strength and calmness. Indigo is used to calm the nervous system, soothe organs, and relax muscles.


increases creativity and intellect. Yellow can also purify the skin and help with indigestion.


increases communication and self-expression. Blue has tranquilizing qualities often used to relieve headaches, colds, stress, and muscle cramps.


simulates meditation and intuition. Violet can eliminate impurities in the bloodstream and function as a cleanser, strengthening veins and arteries.

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