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How do you have a Relaxing Night?

How do you have a Relaxing Night?

How do you have a Relaxing Night?

Is your brain going 100mph and you just have so much on your mind, you just want to stop time and relax for 5 minutes? There are days where I can feel overwhelmed, overworked and just exhausted. Whether I had a long day or week, I always make sure that I make time for at least one evening where it is all about ME!

I think the key to helping towards a clear mind is taking a step back from reality and allowing a good few hours where all you do is unwind and have a proper good self-care routine. The bonus is that it isn’t time consuming and not difficult to do!

Turn off Electrics...

Some of us, myself included, can be guilty of being sucked into the world of social media, and it can be difficult to be pulled out of it, because some moments it can help escape from reality, but in an unhealthy way, because 99% it is all false! According to Oberlo’s statistics, the average time for an individual spent on social media is 2 ½ hours a day which is the highest record to date. In my experience, after scrolling through socials for a couple of hours, I am far from relaxed afterwards and think “oh wow I feel so much better!”. I might’ve seen something I didn’t like, compared myself to someone’s else’s life or appearance, and feel worse than I did before.

Now imagine taking 1 or 2 hours of that screen time, and switching that to time spent on yourself? Carry on reading if you want to know what easy activities we can do to have the ultimate night of relaxation.

Take a Bath (or a Shower)...

Nothing feels better than have a good long soak in my bath with bath salts, where I also add the sweet aromas of my favourite essential oils. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and let it diffuse into the air, breathing it in to make you feel like you’re lying in the fields of nature! If you’re not a bath person, a shower is just as effective. My go to shower for self-care evenings is the Insignia Shower because it has it all, including an aromatherapy feature where you can use your fave smells!

Set the Mood...

After I have taken my bath or shower, I take the time in setting up my bedroom into a space where I can unwind, and that in itself is relaxing. I turn down my lights and have a cute little led lamp that can change colours, so I will aim for the soft colours like purples and blues as those are the most relaxing colours. I will light a candle, there is nothing more calming than watching a candlelight flicker and the smell is just gorgeous.

Do Yoga or Stretching...

So, I have set up the perfect mood in my room and I will lay out my yoga mat, which you can get from pretty much any store like Amazon, Home Bargains or B&M, for cheap. I’ll do yoga poses that I have learnt from a book or videos I have watched in the past and stretch out my body to what I feel is comfortable. Even laying completely flat on the floor and listening to the candle spark, watching like lights change and focus on my deep breaths, aiming to empty my mind.

Once I have done all these simple but effective steps, my body is so relaxed that once my head hits the pillow I am out like a light! And I tell you the morning after I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated; it really makes you want to take more time for yourself more often!! And its worth it!

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