Saunas and the Road to Recovery ...

Saunas and the Road to Recovery ...

Saunas and the Road to Recovery

As important as keeping active is, equally as essential is recovering from it! Your muscles really need to rest and regain its strength, that is how you will really see progress with your build if your goal is to of course build your muscle.

Benefits of a Sauna

Who wouldn’t love to use a sauna? I know I love a good sauna session. Whether it is at the gym or if your lucky enough to have one in your own home, using a sauna regularly has great health benefits and also a great way to recover after a workout. Saunas are usually a room heated between 70—100 degrees Celsius, somewhere to relax in dry heat.

A sauna brand I absolutely adore is Insignia Showers, an all rounded brand that sell showers, saunas, steam rooms, all the essentials to help take the stress away.

Using a sauna really does help me personally and is factual that the use of them reduces stress, relieves muscle and joint pain, and improves cardiovascular health! After a long week of work or I just want to have some relaxation time to myself, a sauna session takes all the tension away and freshens me up! After, I feel so relaxed, and positive, like a new women!

Imagine one day you have done a really intense workout, with weights, a bit of cardio, it is inevitable that your muscles tighten up. Stretching afterwards is a great way to loosen those muscles, but not everyone (including me) can touch their toes or wrap their leg around their head to get a proper good stretch! Jumping into a hot, steaming sauna can be an alternative to relaxing those muscles and really releasing those tensions without having to hurt yourself. Amazing if you ask me!

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