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Bathroom Trends 2023 SUMMER EDITION

Bathroom Trends 2023 SUMMER EDITION

Bathroom Trends 2023 SUMMER EDITION

Since Covid a lot of us have spent more time at home and may have noticed a little crack in the tile here or a little chip on the sink there, thinking it probably about time to renovate the bathroom… Summer can be the perfect time to do, school holidays and the sun is shining! Sometimes trends can be a bit frightening because if not chosen properly it will go out of style in no time! But the following trends are predicted to be timeless and classics.

Statement Baths...

statement-baths Baths can be the “pièce de resistance” of your bathroom when the perfect one is chosen. I myself have an Insignia Steam Shower Bath and honestly having the 2 in 1 combo is a dream because it is practical for the family and just simply gorgeous once the lights go down and the Chromatherapy lights up the room.








Traditional Bathrooms...

traditional-bathroom Classic bathrooms start with tradition. I go straight to old English, simple colours, cottage type bathrooms with furniture that is elegant. The colour pallets usually stick around the soft whites and creams, perhaps accent colours like blue/green accessories and a vintage tile.








Texture Treasures…

texture-bathroom If you want to spruce up the traditional bathroom, adding texture is simple but very effective. This can be tiles that jump out at you, almost 3D you could say! Another classic texture that I believe will never fade away from being trendy is wood. Oak, chestnut (coated for protection of course) adds that calming feeling to the bathroom with a hint of nature.








Clashing Patterns…

pattern-bathroom If you really want to be a standout, combining two bold patterns or colours will for sure make your bathroom unique and completely different from the rest. Could be the wall and the floor tiles being different patterns from each other or matching floor and walls with a bold vanity unit and accessories.








What trends jump out at you and would you want to try something new?? Let us know in the comments and feel free to suggest your predictions too!

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