What do you wear in a Sauna?

What do you wear in a Sauna?

What do you wear in a Sauna?

It can be a little daunting using a sauna for the first time, especially a public one. But not to worry, by the end of this blog, you should have some idea and might feel ready to jump into a sauna with confidence!

Depending on what sauna you are using, the dress code may be different for all. Some do accept nudity, but personally, and this is just me opinion, I would be quite uncomfortable to see others in the nude, including myself! Don’t get me wrong, if you would prefer to enjoy the full experience and benefits of the sauna directly onto bare skin, be my guest. However, best to check the saunas regulations first…

To be safe, here are a few tips, do’s and don’ts, of using a sauna for the first time.


The best thing to wear is either a bathing suit, towel, or loose-fitting gym clothes. Anything made of cotton is the safest material. My personal preference is wearing a one-piece swimsuit, or an over-sized t-shirt with gym shorts, depends how confident I’m feeling that day.

Sometimes I like to take a quick shower prior using the sauna. First off, its nice to go in fresh and clean, I might have had an intense workout and got all sweaty, so yes, be clean. Another reason is because a hot or warm shower before the sauna prepares your skin and opens your pores. Tip: Dry your body thoroughly after the shower so it is easier to sweat.

Lastly, drink a nice big glass of water before the session, to avoid dehydration!


As you can imagine there are few more don’ts than do’s.

Nude or not, its best not to sit directly on the bench, bring a towel with you and sit on that.

If the sauna is crowded, don’t stretch out, it’s a common decency really.

Don’t hog the ladle! If the temperature is decreasing and you want to heat it up a bit, ask the group to confirm this is okay with them. Keeping in mind to keep the ladle and bucket of water in the middle to it is reachable for everyone.

Don’t be rowdy and keep conversations low. Saunas aren’t really a place to have a chit-chat. It’s a place for relaxation and to be in complete peace.

Most importantly, don’t use the sauna if your ill or drinking alcohol.

BUT! All of that said, if you are lucky enough to have a sauna in your very own home, then do whatever you see fit! Be naked! Have a chin wag with your company! Sit stretched all the way out of even lay across your bench! The world is your oyster.

(But still don’t use sauna if your ill, or under the influence)

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