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What is In Shower Aromatherapy?

What is In Shower Aromatherapy?

What is In Shower Aromatherapy...

In shower aromatherapy is a wonderfully relaxing and delightful holistic therapy that enhances the deliverance of natural essential oil, promoting your sense of well-being and brightening your mood within the shower cabin while enjoying the steam with added aroma. An essential oil brand that I specifically use for my Insignia shower is Insignia Oils, which have a great range of different scents. 


My TOP 3 favourite essential oil scents…


  1. BREATHE – eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree.
    Eucalyptus relieves exhaustion, lavender reduces bloody pressure, and tea tree boosts immune system.
  2. TRANQUIL – rose and immortelle.
    Rose reduces stress and immortelle helps heal old emotional wounds.
  3. RELAX – geranium, lavender, and palmarosa.
    Geranium reduces anxiety, lavender reduces heart rate and palmarosa is effective against all skin problems.

What are the benefits of using aromatherapy?

Plenty of benefits and all can be achievable! Aromatherapy eases stress, anxiety and depression. So a good "in shower" aromatherapy session before an important meeting or exam is perfect to ease your nerves.

It boosts feeling of relaxation and improves your sleep. I find some nights I take too long to fall asleep, no doubt I was looking at my phone for too long scrolling through socials, so my brain is still going 50mph. But inhaling the gorgeous aromas settles me into a lovely deep sleep.

Using essential oils really elevates my shower experience. It takes a standard jump in and out, quick wash shower, to slow, relaxing and extremely satisfying. By far my favourite smell is lavender, it is just such a smooth smell, reminding me of nature and calmness, it really does take me to another space when I take a nice deep inhale, forgetting all my worries. Is it just me or does anyone else imagine themselves slo-mo running through a lavender field in France?

If you want to figure out your favourite scents, check out Insignia Showers , they have my top 3 scents and so much more to choose from!

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